About Us


We want to see a world where everyday hard-working women have access to healthy quality beauty products that are affordable.

Our Purpose
As a family-owned black business LLHOMD has one goal- to provide great quality beauty, body, hair and skincare products to women of color at affordable prices...

Our Mission
To serve Melanated women who invest (time, money and brainpower) in their hair and skin and need a quality affordable product to maintain and beautify their look. Llhomd products are designed to nourish and maintain your look over time.

Naturally for Every Woman…
Hair Type Hairstyle Melanated Skin Type Occupation Style

Naturally for every woman…

Our Story


LLHOMD (pronounce lowm●d) Beauty Care embraces the beauty of family. It provides luxury, affordable hair and skincare solutions for women of color who invest in their hair and skin and need a quality, affordable product to maintain and beautify their look. LLHOMD Beauty Care eliminates the frustration of the number of products it takes to achieve healthier skin and hair. Products made naturally for every woman... No matter your hair and skin type, style or occupation.

LLOHMD is a family-owned beauty brand, the brainchild of successful entrepreneurs Lorna, Haywood, Omar, and Daren Hawthorne. Searching for products that kept her skin smooth, youthful and vibrant, Lorna birthed the LLHOMD Beauty Care collection in her kitchen. LLHOMD believes your skin deserves only the best. Products are made up of natural ingredients like pomegranate, prickly pear, aloe, avocado, lavender, and rich antioxidants, that provide long-lasting, anti-aging benefits to improve both hair and skin over time.

The brand’s heart is woven into the brand’s core - each letter of LLHOMD represents each family member’s name and reflects family values: Lowell, Lorna, Haywood, Omar, Monique and Daren -- Love Yourself, Live Your Best Life With Laughter, Create Your Own Happiness, Be Optimistic, Be Motivated, and Determination Will Get You Where You Want To Be!

LLHOMD Beauty Care wants to care for you like a member of the family.

Naturally for every woman….

It takes time, money, and effort to create a look. Our products help you with your look no matter your hair or skin type.

We understand the skin and hair care needs of women with melanated skin. Created by a woman of color for women that share the same daily skin and hair care issues including dull, dry, and damaged skin and hair. Our products are made with natural ingredients including • Pomegranate • Aloe • Prickly Pear • Almond Oil • Lavender • Jojoba Oil & Chamomile • Make LLHOMD your daily skin and hair care routine.

A positive community is everybody’s business.

The Late Lowell F. Hawthorne, Philanthropist and Champion for Education among people of color in the United States and Caribbean.

At LLHOMD we care about our community and are passionate about giving back. As such; we proudly support and partner with the Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation. The Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation (LFHF) was established in 2018 to give back to educational institutions by providing scholarships and supporting educational projects.

Lowell Hawthorne believed a mind is a terrible thing to waste and a positive community is everybody’s business. Through education, we can foster positive communities and uplift all people. LLHOMD has partnered with the foundation to continue the work of achieving this goal.

Together with LLHOMD, the Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation will be a catalyst for the advancement of education for years to come.

Join us in supporting this great cause!