Here at Llhomd, we not only ensure all of our hair products contain 100% natural ingredients but these hair products are specifically formulated with your hair in mind! Featured here is our high-quality oil for African American hair. Hair products with oil have long been known to serve unparalleled advantages to those with dry hair and damaged hair.

Our natural hair and scalp oils include highly effective ingredients, including but certainly not limited to:

● Argan Kernel Oil – ideal for hydration, retaining moisture for an extended period of time, fighting scalp dryness, reducing frizz, and providing stunning shine

● Olive Oil – optimal for affording you with helpful nutrients, smoothness, moisturization, and healthier feel

● Sea Buckthorn Oil – this fatty acid fights signs of damage (for skin and hair), battles dryness, assists with moisture retention, and helps with repairing sun-damaged hair and skin

These natural oils are recognized for their hydrating and softening properties, which is why you will find them in our specialized hair care products! Are you ready to finally provide the nourishment and love your hair so desperately needs and deserves? Then browse our oil for African American hair but also our numerous other options, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, deep conditioners, and beyond!