Beauty Products for Black Skin and Hair You Need

Beauty Products for Black Skin and Hair You Need

27th May 2022

When it comes to your beautiful, unique skin and hair, they only deserve the best. Neither of them should be subjected to those low-quality, generic, and even harmful products that are so commonly found on the market today. No, your skin and hair should only have helpful, nourishing, and truly effective products made just for you and them.

And that most certainly includes you ladies with melanated skin and black hair!

Beauty products for black skin and hair are the most ideal options for you and your overall body. That’s because they contain truly effective ingredients for your skin and hair! Because no one skin tone or hair type is the same, it can be then assumed that each one requires its own special care.

Without further ado, let’s go over the reasons why black skin and hair have specific requirements in terms of skincare and haircare along with which of our beauty products for black skin and hair will be best for you!

Why Does Black Skin Need Different Products?
Black skin contains more melanin, which can provide us better protection against the sun, keep us safer from the Sun’s harmful rays, improved skin elasticity, and reduced signs of aging. Plus, it makes our skin truly stunning!

Unfortunately, however, the melanin in our skin also makes us more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, which simply is darker patches of skin caused by a sudden burst of melanin. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which include sun damage, acne scars, and hormone changes.

Due to these many advantages and this one shortcoming for our skin, black women need to find skincare products that truly keep their skin nourished and protected!

Why Does Black Hair Need Different Products?
Afro-hair comes in an assortment of beautiful textures. Black hair typically is characterized as type 4 hair, which is kinky, wiry, delicate, and has tight curls.

Because black hair has a tight curl pattern, natural oils struggle to spread from the follicle down the shaft of each and every strand. This, then, makes black hair lean more on the dryer side.

Another important factor to keep in mind with black hair is that over half of black women experience hair loss in their life. Therefore, you should attempt to only use hair care products that won’t pull too much on your roots and follicles. You can even opt for hair care products that assist in hair growth for black hair.

There are several ingredients you can keep an eye out for when selecting hair care products for your beautiful hair, such as monoi oil (deeply penetrates hair follicles, smoothes them, and adds shine), sunflower seed oil (relieves dandruff discomfort, moisturizes, and smoothes frizz), and
aloe vera (treats hair loss, reduces dandruff, and unblocks follicles).

Our Top 3 Skincare Products for Black Skin

1.Pomegranate Collection Refresh Face Wash
One of the most important items to any effective skincare routine is a face wash– and that certainly includes yours! Our Pomegranate Collection Refresh Face Wash is second to none, as it has a gentle formula that effectively keeps shine under control, provides an impressive amount of antioxidants to your skin, and leaves it cleansed!

2.Pomegranate Collection Moisturizing Toner
Our Pomegranate Collection Moisturizing Toner can provide you with both a toner and a moisturizer all in one convenient bottle! This 100% vegan gentle toner brings impressive hydration, refreshment, and softness to your skin due to ingredients like pomegranate, aloe vera, honey, and olive leaf extract.

3.Facial Oil
Facial oil is key for providing your skin with ample hydration and moisture retention day in and day out. Our 100% vegan Facial Oil is one of the best and contains only natural ingredients, especially natural oils like jojoba oil, sage oil, and argan kernel oil.

Our Top 3 Hair Care Products for Black Hair

                                                               Beauty products for black skin

1.Pomegranate Collection Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo
Our 100% vegan Rejuvenating Shampoo is chockfull of antioxidants, which are ideal for strengthening your hair and promoting hair growth as well. It also contains aloe vera, a superb material for overall hydration and scalp care.

2.Pomegranate Collection Hair Rejuvenating Conditioner
Naturally, you should pair up that shampoo with a truly impactful conditioner, too! Our Rejuvenating Conditioner is sulfate-free and is formulated with only the most beneficial ingredients, like pomegranate extract, jojoba oil, olive oil, and argan kernel oil. The result: beautiful, hydrated, and noticeably loved hair.

3.Vegan Hair Oil
For those who need a little extra “oomph” in their hair conditioning, you should certainly try out our Vegan Hair Oil. It revitalizes damaged hair, whether it be so from products, styling tools, or other manners with the help of argan kernel oil, olive oil, and sea buckthorn oil.

Give Your Hair and Skin the Love They Need and Deserve with Llhomd!
We know best which beauty products for black skin and hair do the most for your skin and hair– and we only provide you with such. Browse all of our quality yet affordable products today and see for yourself what a difference they can make!