Using Effective Hair Products for African American Women

Using Effective Hair Products for African American Women

4th Jan 2022

Black hair is naturally beautiful. It can be straight, wavy, or even naturally curly, and it is in part due to this natural variance that black hair is both unique and beautiful. However, that natural beauty comes at a price; African American hair requires special care and attention, as without the proper care it is prone to dryness and breakage. To preserve that natural luster and vibrant beauty, the use of effective, natural hair products for African American women takes a role of central importance.

Pre Wash Hot Oil Treatments
Treating your hair with oil is an excellent way to restore moisture and strengthen your hair while protecting its lustrous shine. There are two main ways to apply oil - hot and cold treatment.

Hot and cold treatments have to do more with how they are applied and not so much with the actual products themselves; many of the natural hair products for African American women can be used for both hot and cold treatment.

A hot oil treatment is recommended every so often to restore moisture and strengthen your hair in order to promote healthy hair growth. Hair care products for oil treatments are simple - they often contain natural ingredients like olive oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil that are suitable for many hair types.

Simply warm up your oil by running the container under hot water or setting it in a jar of warm water, then massage it into the base of your hair and into the ends. Wrap your head in a warm towel for about a half-hour, and then proceed with your routine.

Using Shampoo for Natural Black Hair
While you should develop a routine that personally works for you, and account for any advice or insight from your stylist or beautician, it is generally inadvisable to shampoo your hair more than once per week. Some sources may even tell you not to wash your hair more than once every week and a half.

Washing your hair does remove excess oils, but at the same time, shampoo can rob your hair of naturally occurring sebum and other nourishing oils that help to fortify your hair and protect it against dryness-related damage.

Whichever shampoo you use, it is recommended to pre-apply a nourishing oil, like coconut, argan or jojoba oil, allowing it to sit for anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour prior to rinsing your hair.

While shampooing, gently massage the shampoo into your hair using your hands. There’s no need to aggressively scrub or attempt to force the suds down to your scalp. This can simply damage your hair, and the suds will work their way down when you rinse them out anyway.

After you’ve gently worked the shampoo into a lather and then rinsed it out, it’s time for you to work in a conditioner.

Conditioners That Enrich and Fortify
Conditioners are an essential component of any collection of hair products for African American women because of the many significant benefits they provide. Shampoo cleanses hair and removes excess oils, but conditioners go a step further.

A well-chosen conditioner will help to reinforce your hair’s cuticles so that each strand is better equipped to retain moisture and prevent damage. Conditioners are also fortified with humectants and moisturizers to restore moisture as well, making hair softer, stronger, and easy to manage and style.

Some conditioners even contain proteins or compounds that restore hair and fill it in. If you’ve ever experienced issues with split ends, breakage, or thinning, there are conditioners that contain agents that can strengthen your hair, making it both stronger and fuller while maintaining its beautiful natural sheen.

When applying a conditioner, be sure that you work it in as prescribed and leave it in, but do not leave it in longer than recommended. You might think that it will further strengthen your hair, but leaving in the conditioner for too long actually has the potential to weaken your hair.

After you’ve left the conditioner in for the proper amount of time, you can rinse out the excess and dry your hair. Squeeze or shake out what water you can and then wrap your hair in a warm towel if you so choose. This will help to aid in drying.

If you have chosen not to begin your routine with a hot oil treatment, it might be beneficial for you to practice a routine cold oil treatment.

Restoring Moisture and Strength with a Cold Oil Treatment
Cold oil treatments can be performed more frequently than hot oil treatments, as frequently as every day if you so wish. Frequent treatments may improve women’s hair texture, strength, and appearance. Simply take a few drops of your preferred oil and massage it into the ends of your hair - that’s all there is to it.

Using the right hair products for African American women, and using them properly, is vital to overall hair health. Furthermore, the same exact products and the same exact routine will not work for everyone. Realistically, for the greatest effect, each individual should take time to develop a personal routine, taking into account the advice of their hairstylist.

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